Mini SID Palm Ruler


This Mini SID Palm Ruler measures 1 1/2" x 5" and is made of a 1/4" thick compressed light emitting acrylic. This feature allows light to refract within the acrylic to produce a very pale green, almost clear appearance. From an angle, the edges of the ruler seem to glow. You'll never have to worry about how it will show up against different colored fabrics. The precise laser cut registration marks provide you with numerous measurements options down to a perfect 1/8" line. The comfort and feel of this ruler allows you to ruler quilt with confidence on small projects or small areas on larger quilts. It's perfect for use with domestic machines equip with a quilting ruler foot!

***Disclaimer- This product requires a quilting ruler foot designed for ruler quilting. Using any other type of foot may result in injury or damage to your machine.